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Vision '25

Since September 2022, the entire staff of Abbey Primary School, with the support of our Chair of Governor Mark Rosewell, have worked to create a vision for Abbey that we have called Vision '25. This vision outlines where we are heading as a school with the intention of achieving many of these statements by 2025.

All of these statements embody our mantra which is also adorned on our school badge.

Opening Windows of Opportunity

The purpose of a vision is to have a dream, is to have a hope and is to have an aspiration that we all can work towards. We also intend to use this to support our decision making for the school and to have common goals that unite our entire community: our children, our families and our staff.

We have decided to introduce our Vision '25 with two core pillars that are vital for any school or educational establishment: Learning and Wellbeing.


Learning Vision '25

We have an all encompassing vision for learning at Abbey Primary School.

Learning Vision

For all of our learners to reach their potential, there are many things that we as a school need to do well. For that reason, our Vision '25 al so includes other areas within the term of learning: teaching of the highest quality' as curriculum rich in nature and accessible for all and; an environment which enhances learning, is inclusive and safe.

Teaching Vision '25 Curriculum Vision '25

Environment Vision '25

Wellbeing Vision '25

The culture, ethos and environment of a school influences the health and wellbeing of pupils and their readiness to learn which is why we have made Wellbeing our second pillar. For that reason, we have a Wellbeing Vision '25 statement.

Wellbeing Vision '25

We view Welbeing as being a vital role in teaching and learning and for that reason, we have created Vision '25 statements for all those that we serve: the children, the staff and our families.

Wellbeing of Children Vision '25 Wellbeing of Families Vision '25


Wellbeing of Staff Vision '25