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Our Curriculum


At Abbey Primary School, our ethos and purpose is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for our children, with high aspirations for all. We believe in developing pupils’ understanding of British values and celebrating our unique and diverse community. We promote ambition, high aspirations, and foster pupils’ capacity to see the possibilities within the world today. We encourage our pupils to make the right choices to stay safe, healthy, and happy.


Our curriculum provides children with a high-quality learning experience. It raises the aspirations of learners which cultivates them and develops their interest in the world around them. We provide children with the specific vocabulary and knowledge that allows them to build links and enhance their learning. Our school strives at the centre of the local community with positive links within the Trust and wider communities. We believe that our approach will inspire a love for learning so that children strive and develop to their full potential.


Our broad and balanced curriculum enables all children to experience a range of opportunities. To allow children to remember key facts, children revisit them. Where possible, Reading, Writing and Maths are linked, and reading is used to discover and explore. Our positive approach towards the teaching of reading develops learners’ confidence and develops reading for pleasure. Our teachers have a good knowledge of the subjects they teach and positively promote learning. Our lessons are designed to help children to remember previous learning and to develop into larger concepts. Reinforcement of skills encourages children to strengthen memory and makes information more retrievable. At regular points, discussions are promoted. During learning, opportunities for assessment are taken using different approaches and questions. Teachers use the response to these questions to address misconceptions or extend learning further. Our curriculum is also designed to help manage transition between Primary and Secondary school.

Children become learners who develop detailed knowledge and skills across the curriculum and achieve well.


Pupils leave Abbey Primary School with a secure understanding of academic content; with the understanding of how to be socially, morally, and spiritually and culturally responsible, as well as globally aware. Children gain knowledge and master skills which enable them to make at least good progress. Pupils’ progress is measured through ongoing assessment and through three key assessment points during the year. Work is planned to address misconceptions and gaps in learning are identified to ensure that the curriculum effectively meets he needs of all pupils. Pupils feel confident to take on new tasks and develop resilience, they develop confidence to achieve the very best they can.

Everything we do is with the child at mind and strong relationships are built within the school and community.