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Curriculum Intent 

Our children will be young athletes, an active and motivated generation who enjoy physical education. They will be inspired to succeed and excel in competitive sport, flourishing in a range of physical activities which support their physical, emotional, social, and moral development. With a positive growth mindset, our children will show resilience and determination. They will be equipped with the strong belief that they can succeed and progress in their physical development, overcoming challenges and obstacles which present themselves. Our children develop the skills to work effectively and cooperatively in a team. They become increasingly independent through leading sessions and taking ownership of their progress through reflections. 


Curriculum Implementation 

PE is delivered in half termly units across the school, ensuring an appropriate progression of knowledge and skills. The current scheme is Merton School Sports Partnership. In each half term, children will explore dance, dodgeball, or gymnastics, alongside a different team sport. In EYFS and KS1, children will focus on multiskills and games as they slowly progress into team sports.  

Within Dance, each year group will undertake different styles or themes as they work towards creating their own performance. Our children will learn, compose, and perform a range of dances, using movement to communicate their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. In gymnastics, children will continue to refine their form and become more independent in their composition. In gymnastics, children will investigate movement and explore different actions on the floor and using apparatus. They will plan and perform sequences, showing an awareness for their audience.  

In team sports and ball skills, our children will develop fundamental movement skills through a broad range of sports and games, extending their agility, balance, and coordination. 

Teachers have good subject knowledge and opportunities to watch and work alongside experts. We collaborate with SSSP to ensure that staff are confident in teaching PE and our children have access to a variety of both competitive and inclusive competitions. Additionally, Abbey work with different agencies to help the children learn and lead healthy, active lifestyles. 


Curriculum Impact   

Pupils at Abbey will enjoy being physically active for sustained periods of time and keen to take part in PE lessons. They will be inspired to represent the school in competitions and demonstrate teamwork whilst participating in inter-house events. The profile and expectations of PE will be high, with children being proud of their achievements and relishing opportunities to grow in their development. Their fundamental movement skills will continue to improve, with more confident and physically skilled pupils overall. Extra-curricular activities will remain popular, meaning children are keen to continue refining skills and will have developed an enjoyment for being active. Abbey Primary will continue to make good use of the School Sports Premium and use it to raise the profile and provision of PE.  



PE kit: 

  • Abbey house top (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow) 

  • Plain Blue PE shorts 

  • Plain trainers (No logos) and plain socks 

  • Abbey PE jumper and plain blue tracksuit bottoms may be worn in cold conditions. 



  • Resources for indoor PE are in the gym and inside cage. Key can be obtained from Mr Castle. 

  • Resources for outdoor PE are in the right outside shed. 

  • Resources for athletics are in the left outside shed, along with resources for playtimes. 

  • All planning can be found in the Merton Scheme Planning Folder in PE (Foundation Subjects). 


External agencies: 

  • Community Advantages – extracurricular/lunchtime clubs; 

  • A-life – mental health workshops. 

  • SSSP – access to competitions. 

  • Kingston Council – Bikeability. 


Memorable moments: 

  • Dan Magness – football freestyler; 

  • Year 5/6 Boys and Girls Team Matches 

  • Cross Country – Years 3-5 

  • Cheerleading at Glenthorne 

  • Panathlon at Sutton Sports Village