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Senior Leadership Team

  • Mr S Hume

    CEO of The Willow Learning Trust

  • Mrs Stirling-Williams


  • Mrs B Bedforth

    Deputy Headteacher

  • Mr I Sandeman

    Assistant Headteacher

  • Mrs L Wright


  • Mr A Tanner

    Site Manager

Year 6 Team

  • Ms A Watt

    Year 6 Teacher (6W), English Lead & Phase 2 Leader

  • Miss H Rose

    Year 6 Teacher (6R) & History Lead

  • Miss R Walker

    Year 6 Teacher (On Maternity Leave)

  • Miss A Royle

    SCITT, Year 6 & Leadership

  • Mrs M Dilley

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs C Keirnan

    Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Team

  • Ms H Al-Jaburii

    Year 5 Teacher (5A), Art & DT Lead

  • Ms S Mills

    Year 5 Teacher (5M) & Maths Support

  • Mrs M Murray

    Teaching Assistant

Year 2 Team

  • Mrs H Shanks

    Year 2 Teacher (2SB), Maths and Phase 1 Lead

  • Mrs H Foley

    Year 2 Teacher (2F) & Geography/ ECO Lead

  • Mrs K Ruhomon

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs N Kift

    Teaching Assistant

Year 4 Team

  • Ms L Smith

    Year 4 Teacher (4S) & Music Lead

  • Ms A Haycock

    Year 4 Teacher (4H)

  • Mrs R Manton

    Teaching Assistant

  • Ms L Godfrey

    Teaching Assistant

Year 3 Team

  • Miss H Lewarne

    Year 3 Teacher (3L) & Computing Lead

  • Ms S Doody

    Year 3 Teacher (3D) & English Support

  • Ms K Booth

    Teaching Assistant

  • Ms K Kavanagh

    Teaching Assistant

Reception Team

  • Miss A Ells

    Reception Teacher (REP) & RE Lead

  • Mrs L Pettinger

    Reception Teacher (REP) & RE Lead/ Phonics Lead

  • Miss L Millar

    Reception Teacher (RM) & Science Lead

  • Mrs M Harman

    Early Years Educator

  • Mrs A Delgado

    Early Years Educator (REP)

  • Ms S Carter

    SEN Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Team

  • Mr B Castle

    Year 1 Teacher (1C), House Master & PE Lead

  • Miss D Berardi

    Year 1 Teacher (2SB) & Co-PE Lead

  • Mrs S Thomas

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs M Kuka

    Teaching Assistant

Additional Teaching Staff

  • Mrs L James

    Cover Teacher

  • Ms G Burge

    Spanish Teacher

  • Ms S Kent


  • Ms A Bielenko


Nursery Team

  • Mrs L Skinner

    Phase Leader. Nursery Teacher, PSHE Lead & Senior Mental Health Lead

  • Mrs E Pickett

    Early Years Educator

  • Mrs S Franklyn

    Early Years Educator

  • Miss C Brown

    SEND Support

Office Staff

  • Mrs S Finn

    Office Manager

  • Mrs D Stepniak

    Office Administrator

  • Ms K Chan

    Office Administrator

Support Staff

  • Miss S Collings

    Designated Safeguarding Lead/ SENDCO Support

  • Mrs K Potter

    Family Liaison Officer

  • Mrs J Weight

    MIdday Supervisor

  • Ms K Booth

    Midday Supervisor

Willow Learning Trust Office

  • Miss M Gill

  • Ms S Pennelli

  • Mrs J Mayoran

  • Mrs M Valdez

  • Mr A Tucru

  • Ms S Nasim

  • Mrs N Jorge

  • Ms F Wong

Breakfast and After School Club Staff

  • Miss D Wilson

    Breakfast and After School Club Manager

  • Mrs K Murphy

    Breakfast and After School Club Staff

  • Miss F Wilson

    Breakfast and After School Club Staff

School Governors

  • Mr M Rosewell

    Chair (Maths and Governor)

  • Mrs S Seal

    Vice-Chair (Trustees Finance Committee)

  • Mrs S Dutta

    Safeguarding Governor

  • Mrs L Hall

    English Lead Community Governor

  • Ms A Azzoparadi

    SEN Parent Governor

  • Ms J Farrell

    Early Years Parent Governor

  • Miss S Collings

    Staff Governor

  • Mr A Tanner

    Staff Governor