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Our New Abbey Primary Logo

With support of our wonderfully artistic children and our wider Abbey Primary family, we have been developing a NEW Abbey Primary School logo!

 Throughout the designs created by the children, 'Opening Windows of Opportunity' was important to them as it showed our purpose and ambition as a school.

The daisy adorned our old badge and, once the meaning was explained to the children, they were keen to have it central to our new badge. The daisy was first chosen as a reference to The Daisy Field, the patch of greenery that separates Abbey Primary School and Glenthorne. A daisy is also a symbol of innocence, purity and youth which befits a primary school.

Children were eager to change the design of the badge with many of the children opting for one that also included a banner of identity. They also wanted to have our badge represent our houses, so it was important to them that we included red, blue, green and yellow into the design also.

Once all of these aspects were brought together, we were left with our NEW Abbey Primary School logo.

We hope you agree that our new badge represents the desires of our children and community and is a symbol befitting the great school that we are.