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School Council

At Abbey Primary School, one class representative is voted in by their peers through democracy to become a School Council representative.  Within each class another child then takes it in turns to attend a meeting so that everyone who would like to be able to attend is able to.  Our meetings allow children to help make decisions in the school, they are also responsible for setting the agenda.  Meetings are always supported by a member of the Senior Leadership Team and are led by the Chair. 

The children are ambassadors of our school, and we all care for the school community and help make the school life better for everyone.

 Below are some of the details from our School Council Meetings that have created impact on our school.

Meeting Month Meeting comment Relevant Action
December You told us that you wanted to bring football and Pokémon cards into school and felt it was unfair that they were banned. Year 6 ambassadors have agreed with the support of a member of staff to have a Friday lunch club in the downstairs hall where children can bring in their cards on this day.
November You asked for children to be involved in running whole school assemblies on behaviour and the new school vision. School council members are running an assembly once a half-term.  We also have behaviour monitors near to the toilets to remind children to be ready, respectful, and safe.
October You talked about the great clubs we have launched this term but also asked to run more clubs during school and after school. Mr Castle has listened to your requests and has shared the clubs that you would like with the Abbey staff.  There are some exciting clubs coming to Abbey in January 2023!
September You wanted more time in our new library.

Mrs B has issued all classes with a weekly library slot. Staff have been trained on how to issue books.

Mrs B has now set up reading buddies and librarians – the library is now open every lunchtime!

 We will continue to work to ensure that the voices of all our children are heard throughout the academic year.